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i hate coming back home from college, it’s like going from having all the freedom and being independent and then suddenly to minimal freedom and being totally dependent on them. don’t get me wrong i love them, but i hate how i can not do anything just because we live soo far away from the main city that we don’t even have uber or ola here.
the weirdest part is I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE, but i do not have a decent car to drive anywhere where i want.
when i was in school, i lived in the same house, but it was fine because all my socialising was done in school. and i came back home and chilled w my society friends… but now that i’m in college, i come back home and the only means to meet my school friends is by going to the main city to meet them… and that’s rare, cuz ever since pandemic my dad works from home… and i’ve 0 transport to travel… i see my school friends living their lives meeting each other and i can not do any of that… it’s depressing cause i know i come back here and i can not feel happy whatsoever…

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Start earning or get a job you’ll be outside your house then…

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See bro even I don’t feel like staying at my home bcoz of the family surrounding n I’m myself graduating and looking for a job side by…


it’s honestly not that easy considering where i come from… until i finish my degrees i can not work… but also if one day i do end up working… eventually whenever imma be back home… i’m going to have the exact problem… because we live that far…

Sanket @sanket

It is weird how you not being able to meet your friends who live away, is being related to your freedom and THEM (I assume parents)@


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