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I had two cats whom both I love so damn much . I look after them like my children the other day I lost one of them she was so beautiful and she is not the one to stay far away from home she just roams around the house and comes back soon and also come running when called her name. she is just a poor thing she isnt used to go faraway from home she will not survive in the wild the thought of her alone is like a knife in my heart , its been 4 days i dont know what to do im scared , I just want my baby to safe and not in my pain i just want her to eat and be happy and healthy , I really hope someone took her and they are looking after her I wouldn’t mind as long as she is cared for .
I just couldnt imagine her in pain oh please im praying to all gods please look after her . The other cat her sister really misses her they were so bonded she is in grief every morning she cries and look for her sister I feel so helpless.
Please let her be okay thats all I want
Please please.

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I love cats too. I hope your cats are in no pain and doing good in their world. You are such a beautiful soul to take care of them🧡


Oh poor soul🙁


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