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I had to once come out of a relationship, because it was turning into a long distance relationship and the guy didn’t seem to want it that much (because it was also becoming toxic for both of us) but I was still hell bent on continuing it. We stopped talking. But he used to use fake accounts to text me on Instagram. It’s been a year since we broke up and it’s been 6 months since he has moved to another country but I feel we both still love each other and I haven’t completely been able to move on. I have no means to text or call him and I know I shouldn’t…it just hurts so bad I can’t even express.

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Hi, i know it hurts you and you still are in love with the person but then it is not a one way, if he has stopped then i am not asking to move on, what i want to request you to do is to give yourself the time to feel the grief. i know you might be doing just that. what I would hope is that you try to move on with your life. just that you give yourself time.


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