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I had to lie about the cuts on my arms, I said I fell into a bush πŸ™ˆ I hate having to lie about things. Only 3 people know what actually happened and they are trying to help me. I’ve been tasked with writing a sort of mood journal. So far it doesn’t look good it’s just so dark, the urge to cut isn’t getting any better. The suicidal thoughts won’t stop coming, and I know exactly where and how deep to cut to just end it all. It’s getting harder to resist the urge to just do it. Things don’t seem to want to get better. I’m trying I am but I don’t know how much more of this I can take

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heyy, I’m ayzah :) and I won’t deny myself from having suicidal thoughts again and again. I know life’s really rough and hard to live. but please, do not ever harm yourself :< every single day for me is a matter of survival. reach out to your friends, distract yourself with something you like such as music, going out w/ your closed friends. anything just to distract yoruself from doing self-harm. hope you’re gonna feel better and better every single dayyy. have a good day ahead :>


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