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I had suicidal thoughts for a moment today because i left my job for higher studies and yesterday exam result was declared and i failed like i m not even close to get in my dream B school plus mom is indirectly saying me to get back to job.
Its not about only exam i look ugly as in my face is becoming fat day by day soo my brother taunted me saying you look ugly i felt really bad I think that he thinks i m just piece of shit like i m of no use because till now I haven’t done something great in my life i have plans as in i own a small startup company which is under process and my family members are totally unaware about that. I m below average student and i m ugly like i feel like to vanish away from these people somewhere outside where no one knows who i am

I m afraid of these thoughts what if they increase day by day

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Please never ever think of dying it’s the worst things one can ever do
It doesn’t matter how you looks , you’ll be fine and failing in anything is not something to be said about just do what you like to do believe in God and yourself everything will be fine may be it can take some time but never lose hope.


Dear one
If someone says u look ugly
Will u accept u look ugly??
Why should u
Noone absolutely noone shd ever think they look ugly or something like that…
It is all God given accept it…
Pls dnt let anyone ever make u feel bad about ur looks…

I know it hurts
It pricks…
I am emotionally moved by ur post…

But is vanishing the solution???

Not all dreams come true…
Maybe something better is in store for you…
U must not give up

See u have two options-
1.If pursuing degree is more imp to you
Pls just focus on that
Unfortunately u cannot make it to your dream colleges.
That is ok
It is just entrance
U may get admission in some college
Just go for it
Study hard
Put in ur best efforts
You may clear ur degree with good percentage
See not all successful ppl study from premier institutes…
2.If u still want to try once again for your dream college.
This year continue with some job
Prepare urself well for entrance exam n give it next year
One more attempt…

Choice is urs
Be calm
Think over it…
Your life is too precious.

Quitting is never n was never a solution…
Yes it maybe a tough phase
But remember

Have 100% faith in urself…
Keep working hard…
If you are tired or drained
Just rest
N recharge urself
But never never quit…

U cannot get back ur life once u quit…

If your thoughts are troubling u alot pls talk to some family member or a doc face-face
Help urself out of this situation…
U can listen to motivational speeches on youtube or read something inspiring…

Majority of successful ppl have survived n thrived through failures…

N pls donot permit anyone to hurt u so much…

Take care of urself…

Good luck to you

More power,strength n light to you.

Take care.


Again same thing i got less marks in next exam as well i know i m average student from my school time but I don’t want to be average anymore i have not done anything in my life which is worth appreciating


You maybe an average student
But dear atleast you are an average student
There are so many students who are below average very dull in studies
So what do you think they should do???
I know you want to achieve
N you will achieve
But for that you have to keep total faith in urself
N work very very hard…
See outcome is never in our hand
Only giving THE BEST SHOT is in our hand …

Telling you something out of very personal experience…
Not every brilliant student can succeed in life…
N infact some below avg student too can make a mark in life.

See i know it hurts when you end up disappointing urself.

You feel you have not achieved anything worthwhile in life.

But you still have so many years
To achieve.
Just dnt give up…

You will achieve.

God bless you…

Take care
Good luck.


That was satisfying like literally you explained it soo well
Thank you soo much!


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