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Prakriti @vermaprikriti

I had only my family as the only people to talk to. But now things have became so toxic. I should not say this but my mom was so toxic today. I know that they’re the only people in my life but today whatever I was been through was really toxic.
This is my birthday week. And she’s ashamed to have me as her child (she just said that) maybe she’s in anger that’s why. The thing going on in my mind is am I really that bad??
I seriously don’t deserve happiness? I don’t deserve people?
I don’t know. I am not cursing my family coz they are the people who love me. But these things directly affect my heart and soul. They’ll forget after shouting on me but I can’t.
I haven’t even done anything to anyone but I don’t know why this is happening to me.

I am fine only. This shall too pass :))
Ps : I’m not depressed just sad.

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Going through something like this only…don’t loose hope…I can understand it’s tough and we have no idea why it happens to us only…but you can’t do anything about these situations…keep faith in god and pray…that’s what I do. Wish u the best ,happy diwali and happy birthday

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Prakriti @vermaprikriti

Same to you buddy. If you can connect with me then please :)

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