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I had loved you so much my love… I loved you so much that I even begged for your love. I’m the type of person who would never ask for anything twice but I legit begged you my love to stay… Why did you choose to hurt me like this? I had nothing in my heart for you except for love… Why is it that I only had good intentions towards you but still I ended up losing you… I still love you… I know you don’t care about me but I just cannot stop loving you… That’s the thing about love…you just cannot stop loving and caring for someone all of a sudden… I had actually loved you… Loved you so much that I had planned my future with you… You are my soulmate I know that… I’m so sure about this… But you walked away from me…its been more than 4 months and I still cannot get over you… After you left me a part of me is gone with you…you probably have no idea how much I miss you and think about you… How much I wish you were mine… But my love is stronger than that. You will always be in my heart. That’s it.

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idk @muskanlol

hey, I can understand what u feel but I think u should move on, find a good one in your life.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hi, I know what you are going through. Trust me, it get’s better, it eventually will. Believe me. Life moves on and so will you.Try to think of what happened as a blessing in disguise, try to believe in the fact that someone better will come your way. That person will love you, choose you and stay. I know you’re grieving and give it time , feel all your emotions, accept them and move forward. Better things are coming, you just have to believe in it.


I do it most of the days, and then in some days. I am just back. Back to being this broken version. This is grieving. For all the love that I have for him but have no way to give out. Makes me sad, sometimes happy, angry, grateful or nothing. Today is one very very sad day. I cannot stop missing his face, his voice, his skin, his everything. His eyes. His lips. His fingers. Nails. Hair. Cheeks.

My heart breaks tonight again. For the same man. I loved since 11.
Be happy love. Be happy.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hey I am so sorry. Yes, this is the process of grieving. Yes you will miss him. There are going to be some rainy days before the sunny ones start to show up. Stay strong queen. Better and happier things are coming your way!


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