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I had grown heavy over a span of six months and it felt like disaster. My confidence went down the drain. I started working out to control it because I have to find a solution myself.

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love our self for what you are internally. Appearances are transient.


That happens, inevitably does. Being thin is propagated in our culture. Obesity can harm your body, but don’t make yourself lose your confidence. You’re much more than that.


It is okay! As long as you are not overweight, do not worry too much.


It’s great that you’ve taken the first step towards getting back in shape. Keep at it!


You already taken the first step. Nothing is impossible with hard work. You can achieve your goal . Stay strong ?. More power to you ?


It’s really good that you started working out to control your health issues. Health is an integral part of our lives. A healthy individual can give better results in all aspects to the society than an unhealthy individual. Your hard work will definitely give you some fruitful benefits one day and you will be surprised by it’s results. Till then, don’t lose hope. Stay strong,  stay healthy.