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I had flings in life….my parents were not aware about it…

I had word with my future husband about same within 8 dayz after first meet when I got to know it may go in positive direction.

Issue happened he created issue of this and it’s been one year he is still stuck to same and opened this to my parents in front of me in ugly way also to my relatives and friends.

I am wayy too confident I hv been dedicated to him all time and gave great attention and did had any chance of doubt too…

Somehow he been over possessive, finally staying separate from him as I see he is not moving on and we both r happy together.

Not sure if i shld still give him a chance or better i move on as I am scared he might keep talking old shit again and may not accept me.

Only positive point : we both r affectionate towards each other …nothing else is positive…

I am confuse….any suggestion……

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Talk to him about his over possessive attitude . Tell what happened in your past is a thing of past. Communicate this clearly and see where it goes.


I did hell of multiple times….he is still stuck up badly on it


That’s not reassuring to hear. I’m sorry but I don’t know what else to suggest you. Hope you find the answer and strength.


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