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I had fight with my brother in law for not sharing money… for some work… they always say they don’t have money… but they spend more things for their own… but we in joint family and when we do things in common… they don’t give… and our Father in-law and mother in law ask to pay us everytime… yesterday I asked straight forward ly to share and pay the amount for we spend … but atlast they made me become joke… me and my husband discussed about this and we were fighting… that time they entered and asked what issue… my husband that time had meeting… so I asked we spend for so you should pay… he went and gave money back but saying that I have insulted them. Now my husband also blaming me… as it was their family problem why you asked… and again we fight… they came again… what still you need money… I thought you were good but I forgot you from now… and we are good brothers… you don’t interfere… and my brother in-law asked for half amount they given and went… at last I become joke… I can’t have good relationship now in future I can’t go with them for any function… I understood… I should not have asked… my husband should asked… but what can I do now…

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Its ok, you did what ever you felt like at that moment. But talk to your husband and tell him why you did that and it happened. Make him understand and then sit in a family time and apologize for reacting that way! Communicate with them, do not think that the relationship has come to an end here with them. You are family and will always be a family! Differences like this can be resolved, everyone makes mistakes and it’s not the end of the world.


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