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One Sided LoveThought


I had crush on cousin brother 2_3yrs back
He cane to my place we had a moment ( i dont know why i did he slept on my lappy and rubbing my finger on his hair) my mom saw me and telling me not to do it again.
he had no feelings for me at all. .we just flirt talk or msg with each other for fun.thats it in college days …so i used to stalk him. But i did it mistake i stalk his college frnds added them in fake id to check his frnds circle . My mom went to his place so he just asked for phone (i logged out id) but when mom told about it to me .i checked phone & it was logged in it was opened i dont know whether he had seen i d or not but from that day we never talk to each other…on phone nor we texted each other…
I dont have feeling for him now .

i thinking what reason will i give him if he asked me about it …

Plz suggest me any lie…

2 replies

you can tell him that, you were stalking one of his friend.


No i cant he will kill me…i added almost his college frnds …anyway.thnx


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