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I had ca final exam in 6 days and she was arguing me over something i said to her roommate. What i said wasn’t the problem the problem was my reaction when she was angry with me and arguing
I made some personal attack on her like past her studies and all
I had anxiety issues over 4 years, i was stressed with my exams and some family issues. And i reacted so bad that i ashamed on myself. This all happened on 23rd October and till today she doesn’t want to come back. Everyday i am sending her sorry notes. But she isn’t listening me. She said there is no future for us so we should stay away from each other. What do i do. I was 2 year’s long distance relationship.

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Gitanjana @gitanjana_paul_choudhury

It’s clear you’re going through a challenging time. Give her the space she’s asking for and respect her decision. Focus on your exams and personal well-being. After the exams, consider having a calm, sincere conversation about your actions, expressing remorse and a commitment to change. It’s important to take responsibility for your behavior and allow time for healing. If she still chooses to stay away, prioritize self-improvement and learning from this experience for your future relationships.


Apparently people get jealous when they are in a relationship. But in my case, I am one of those people that get jealous. I am jealous of Meredith because she get to talk to other students except for not to me 

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Asunder @asooh

Who the heck is Meredith?!.. I’ve seen her name a no of times now.


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