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I had a car accident a year ago and since then " feelings " started to fade inside me . The first one was fear it just vanished from me , not even what were supposed to be my phobias were able to even shake me or anything . Then it slowly got to all my other feelings . In result now , i barely feel anything . I lost all my humanity. Before i used to be hypersensitive and now I’m the complete opposite but what bothers me the most is the fact that i can’t feel love anymore . I just don’t know who do i love and who do i not ( my friends … family …) i just feel so empty inside. I’m so detached from life and that resulted in me losing all my motivations in life and losing all my dreams/goals cause i see no point in them . Also all my memories slowly started to fade in my head. It feels like i had no childhood nothing and I’m just existing in the present without really existing since the present doesn’t really exist .Is this really related to the accident ? Should i be worried ? And what should i do to feel again and to stop my memory loss?


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I think u need to consult a doctor or therapist. Sometimes the trauma do this to us. its ok. U will be fine. I said to see Doc because in PTSD u sometimes start forgetting.