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Yash @rishav123

I had a breakup last night but on good terms. We gave each other a farewell with a smile. Its really painfull but im not able to crying. idk why? I dont wanna pile up all the trauma from the breakup. Im still thinking about her. Checking her chats. Expecting a call from her. Idk how to deal with this feeling.

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Dont rush and call or text her . I know it is hard .trust me brother these things take time just try to distract yourself from it

Alexandra @capt

Sending you lots of healing and love in this difficult time. Breakups are hard but if its ment to be it will work out. Thats how I have been taking it. No one really knows how things will develop only him. God bless you my friend


As u said, it was a mutual breakup that ended on a good note but you’re still going thru all her chats and stuff. First of all, it’s okay to feel whatever u r feeling, its a human tendency to feel sad whenever we part from things that mattered to us at a point of time…nd about you not crying, I think it depends upon the depth of the relationship u had with her…think about it…was it intense? Or was it peaceful?

If it was the former, then maybe you would have cried or had a typical breakdown.
If it is the latter one, then maybe u are still holding onto things because this separation might have taken away ur peace with it.
And I think its okay to not cry, not every break-up has a sad ending.


It sucks , that person u love and gave everything just leaves atleast u got ur closure

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