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I had a break up with my boyfriend, we were together for 7 years and even though it’s been 8 months since breakup, i am unable to get over it. I have tried every possible thing to get over. It seems impossible, all i wish is to end my life.

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Pavan @rp_293_rp

It’s simple, consider going to a door everyday and decorating it with your hands, while the person on the opposite side of door, by all means wants it broken, so 1 day you arrive at the door and it’s no more there, but then you see things around that door, broken pieces of wood, some burning, some being in hands of termite, you are there standing helplessly as you could not do anything, you watch it everyday, and feel the pain, which goes on increasing everyday, but then suddenly one day you walk upto that same area and you see flowers and grasses all around, that my friend is what demands time, so go easy on yourself, you are mourning as you lost something precious, if you have the power to decorate one door, you can still decorate many, either in the form of friendship, love… just hold on my friend


Going through same phase my friend…but wait patiently… someone is there for who is waiting for you…he will be ⛅ in your life…so han in there and don’t ever give up…


Why did you break up? Perhaps, things weren’t working out. Maybe he was treating you like shit. Even so, it’s still hard, I get it. But don’t you think you deserve better? Don’t you want that epic love you once fantasized about? That will require patience. Trust me, someone out there is actually waiting for you. And that’s what will help you move on. Also trust in God’s timing. Everything happens for a reason. He was just a lesson you needed to learn. Now learn from the mistake, and don’t repeat it again. That’s it.


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