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I had a beautiful 5 year long relationship with a beautiful girl that I assumed to be out of my league. We loved each other deeply. I promised her i will give her a beautiful future. So i stuglled hard got into a good college. But in past years i had some troubles in my family. I couldn’t give her all love and attention. I was more focused on my studies I couldn’t give her time. This upset her. She started scolding me and saying that you are not the only person studying or hustling. She abused me. And broke up with me . It’s been one month i texted her, mailed her went to her hostel and then her house. Her brother and best friend won’t talk to me or let me in. She didn’t respond at all. I don’t know

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Just walk away! If it would have been love from her side, she must have stayed by your side in your low time. Instead of supporting you in tough time… She is being selfish… So its not a good sign.

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