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I had 8 year long relationship which ‘technically’ end in 2020 march but actually ended in july 2021.
I dont even know where to begin the end of story.
But for the last 8 year she was the main part of my life and everything revolved around her. She was the go to person, the comforting voice at night
I have friends but everyone is busy with their life and cant fill the void left behind by her.

Now by the end of it I am very lost with no friends and is a new city fighting hard everyday. I have no one to talk to and have just realised how hard it is to make new friends or partner. It’s as if I have lost the ability or I am not worthy enough.

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That honestly sucks bro. But it is what it is now. I know asking you to move on is easy but way more difficult for you to do. But all i would suggest is hang on buddy . Just hang onto it.


Arre bro sahi btau mera bhi same tha 4.5 years ka chhid k chali gyi
Do din roya neend. Nhi aayi
Phir ek bande ka post dekha uske friend tha uska BP high ho gya R.I.P to him.
Ab mein apni health p or apne p dhyan deta hu usko bhulla de sahi mein jo better hogi mill jaayegi apne p focus kr


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