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Prem @prem

I graduated as an engineer.My days of education were so good where I was always sincere and dedicated.This sincerity of mine also attracted envy by some class-mates.I was hopeful that once I graduate all this will go away.

I started working,everything was good except for the co-workers’ politics.I switched after a year.In next employer I had differences with my manager who used to be always sarcastic.I left that job even before getting a new job due to frustration.

After 4.5 months I got another job.Everything was good!Everything!
Worked there for two years and came across a new opportunity with double salary.

But destiny had another plan.I fell very ill and had to leave that job too.

The 8-9 month period after that was very tensed and un-pleasent. I approached a counselor.But she was very new in her field and her solutions couldn’t help me.I talked with a helpline through email,but they were very upfront telling me I have a real problem.

I started writing a journal.That helped me get rid of overwhelming thoughts.
I installed a psychology app that daily used to ask me about my mood.

I got new job.That was very near to my home.I was happy.But then my organisation sent me to client location which is very far.

I couldn’t travel daily that much.So I ended up resigning after 4 weeks at client place.

My team lead persuade me that the client is very good and they have less work pressure.
I believed him and decided to stay.
I searched alternative path to reach office.

When I look back:I get to see that I am not worthless.All the jobs I left or tried to leave wanted me to stay there.

I thank myself that I kept trying in adverse days and never kept blaming others.

I thank myself for my sincere study and work efforts that stood for me when I tried to give up.
I love my current job and I am in a better mental condition now.
My office colleagues are also very understanding and supportive.The tasks I am working on are interesting and exciting.

This is the best of my life I am enjoying so far.

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Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Its great . I am glad to read this.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

This is so great to hear, Prem! Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m so glad to see how you ended that on a positive note. I think, this only gives hope to other people to continue trying things and how there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. No matter how difficult life gets, if you choose to make an effort to be better and to do better and work for your happiness, you can and you will find it. Very inspiring read! Happy to hear that you’re happy. God Bless.

Prem @prem

Thanks Bani


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