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Kirin @caring_goober_3

I got the worst birthday ever. I’m working in a small group ( around 10 people). Every time when have a birthday of someone in group, a person ( temporary called Ms A) will make a group chat to prepare for birthday party. We will give the idea about present, cake, the way to celebrate…etc together. Even the party’s cost, we always equally divide. Last week’s Friday is my birthday and of course as usual, I know there will be a party to celebrate my birthday like the others. But before that, I received a message on the group’s chat from Ms.A. It’s said that from now on, who got celebrated this time will be in charge of celebrate birthday for the next person and that the idea was unified by the others. It’s mean I’m the one who will do this next time. I don’t mind to do it but, I feel like they don’t respect me…? This idea I never heard about it, so it’s mean I don’t have rights to discuss about it even I’m a member in group and I think It’s really graceless when announce that in (or near) to someone’s birthday. It’s make me feel like the celebrate my birthday in reluctantly way. Does I’m overthinking it or they really don’t respect me?

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Leave that group at once

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anuj @anujvohra

See this happens kn group…group is for some.common need. If ur looking for friends, then change it


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