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I got something to share you guys. So i don’t really got a close relationship with my older brother and i think of him as just a loser until today… So today i transferred to my older brother school and i tried to observe him and its like whenever his girl classmate see him and the other girl from other section they stared at him like he’s the most handsome guy in the world… My Older brother is a pretty quiet guy, i don’t know if he’s a good guy or not, Not really handsome and not really a fashionate type of guy. Like i dont even know why they’re even so attractive to such a guy but then i ask my girl classmate why like almost all girl stare at my brother like that… And she just said to me “He’s a pretty mysterious man, a calm guy you’ll see even when you see the others panicking, smart, has a good body, you can’t tell what he’s thinking everytime, a guy who shows that he doesn’t need anyone to be successful, you feel safe and calm when he’s around you and you don’t see a type of a guy like your brother in this world he’s a role model of like every guy in this school.” and i’m like wtf my older brother is like that? And with a shock face my girl classmate and her friends ask me " you dont know that!!! " i’m like"yes😅" and in my mind i’m like Holy shit my brother is a guy like that?? I got a goosebumps and i ask him to go home with me today and he’s like" sure" and as we’re walking to the gate it’s like every person around us looks at him and now i also understand why my classmate said that i’ll feel safe and calm when i’m around him cause that’s what i exactly feel and i got even more shocked when i asked him if she got a girlfriend and he said no. I’m like wtf!!! How?? And he said i’m still not into girls yet. Now i cant even sleep :')

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