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I got rejected again. But I’m used to it by this point. The only reason I keep trying is because there is no harm in it; I can keep expecting things which I won’t get and probably won’t deserve. No hope is involved in this process. Hope is foolish.

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nicole balie @2210

Rejection sucks bigtime. I’m 8 months single now my ex left me immediately for another woman they Dating 8 months now her birthday one day after mine. Seeing him do things for her freely and where I had to beg for it is the worst. We dated since 2018. It’s not a nice feeling to be rejected we try and try eventho they keep rejecting us. 8months and I still can’t get over it.


Though I’m sure that must suck, I have to tell you that I’ve never been in a relationship all my life, and I’ve been rejected over 30 times. I hope you find solace in my misery.

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Thank you for your advice, but I’m not sure I can do much about it.

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That just makes you invincible. Hope is dangerous. You give what you got not expecting anything in return.
I think that’s a strength make you takes risk you rather wouldn’t.
Like I want to apply for jobs …but I’m shit scared of getting rejected.
I wish I was like you. Are you sad?

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