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I got…

Pressure pushing me from all sides

Insecurities of all kinds

I’m a hostage to my own pride

Most important things in life to me are things I know I can’t buy

I’m not in the mood to meet another stranger

I’m not in the mood to have a conversation

And talk about a bunch of things that I don’t feel amazed with

Gettin’ too close to me could be dangerous

All this negativity, I can’t get away from

All this negativity, think I need a break from

I’m thankful, but

Some days, I wanna leave the negativity in my head

I just want relief from my stress.

Sometimes wishing I were dead.

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2 replies

please don’t harm yourself, leaving negativity in your head only strengthens them. I say you should find yourself someone to talk to, and if you can’t do that then continue to express what you’re going through on platforms such as this, one of the best solutions to lingering thoughts is to either say them or to write them down. you seem to be good at expressing your thoughts in an artistic way, i think you should some lyrics. it doesn’t have to be a full song or anything but i think you should write some lyrics and let all that negativity and all those thoughts pour into those lyrics, then you should share it in a response to me or in a seperate post. i think that’ll do wonders for you rn

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Hey don’t worry everything gonna fine soon…don’t stress much about it …

Try to listen some comedy genre shows movies series read novels.or some entertainment shows
Remember always star always shine in darkness. 🌃☀️☀️☀️🌝🌛N you are star

Today one fairy will come to you and remove all negativity from life trust me🧚✨✨✨🎀

Say cheese📸😁


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