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I got my mock/practice neet results
today and I just scored 105 out of 720
I know I didn’t study anything and also because I didn’t understood anything in online classes… and now my basics are bad…
I am just dep"ressed now
And I just don’t know what to do !
Parents also scolded so so much…
They just taunted me that they paid fees and all
I can’t do anything…
I have backlogs and I don’t know how to cope time up.
I literally got 105 marks idk what to do
I am just crying since morning and regretting it…
Now nothing can happen I’ll be a loser forever I’ll never be able to score good in main neet…
Our sir also told…that how much you score in mocks is the same you score in main exam…
I know still 2 years to go but I’m hopeless
And the pressure is increasing day by day…and I literally can’t handle it
Idk 🥺

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