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I got my heart-broken, and it is super difficult to deal with.

This is definitely not the first time I have developed feelings for someone. I have a new crush every fortnight, and I get my heart-broken almost every other day. But this time, it all felt so real again. I had started getting jealous, insecure, I used to wait on her messages, stalk her profile to know where she is. Modern day behavior with old school feelings.
My heart is broken now, and it hurts so much. I will have to deal with it, maybe because I signed up for this pain when I started falling for her, or maybe because I did not. Either ways, it is mine to suffer now.

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Hi buddy.
I hope things turn out better for you. I have no clue on how can i help u on this. But you can always talk here and let out how you feel.
Things will fall in correct place.


you might get frequent crushes bcoz you want someone to adore you ,to care for you other than your kins ,right? i know it hurts but question yourself -do u deserve her or someone better…sending positive vibes to you🙂


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