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I got catcalled this afternoon and I guess I feel some kind of a way about that.On the one hand it’s weirdly validating because this has never happened before and, hey, I’m being read as a woman by complete strangers who are under no social pressure to do what I tell them to. But on the other hand, oh, the urge to run that guy right off the road and break him over my knee like Batman and rip his ass out of his ass is Very strong.

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Avni @avni

In an equally weird way, I get it. The internalized misogynistic ideas that are propagated for women filter out women on the basis of their looks. So, a certain kind of body aesthetics is revered and prefered. Short women, fat women, dark women, or any other women who do not fit this criteria are constantly unappreciated and overlooked by men who generally go for the pretty ones. No wonder women have body and esteem issues that make men benefit off of that and so on an instance, when you get catcalled, that need for validation gets fulfilled even when that instance is horrible. I am glad you wrote this because a lot of women feel this way. Its not uncommon and it takes courage and introspection to look within and see why we act the way we do. More power and love to you!:)


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