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uday @beautiful_soul7

I got breakup by physically but not mentally my soul is still alive with his love and care I wait until he came back to me with lots of realise in his eyes and jst hold my hand and say please forgive me for my bad past I know he’s having a bf now and they both living happily but the bf for him cheated me brutally and I know in future he definitely cheat him also I swear if that day come to his life I truly pray to God that tell him someone special is still waiting for you for your beautiful soul not for beautyful face and at last of my life I still wait for him God will definitely one day irritates with me and give him back to me and say are u happy now 😅😅😉 yes that day I smile like I got everything in my life jst because some little misunderstanding we both can’t be separated by other 3rd fucking party and I know he made for me and I too… God I began the time and atlast u hve to give him back don’t forget okay I’ll always reminds you 💖🙌😭

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uday @beautiful_soul7



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