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Keerthana @keerthanarajiv

I get scared of falling asleep, popped some pills just to sleep and the anxiety kicked in even more. It sucks. Ugh. Constantly having to live with it, but one thing I realized is that, when you stop paying too much attention to it, divert yourself by doing something crazy, it eventually fades. I Usually burst out crying for no apparent reason and believe me when I say, I literally ball my eyes out and then I pray that it exhausts me enough to fall asleep. I need to seek help, but anxiety stops me from doing anything. Hate this.

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Saurabh @saurabh


So please check the effect of the pills you take . Anxiety is different for different people. Pills only work after you have spoke to someone. I know because I lived with depression for years. As a mental health professional I’ll advise that you start talking, if there are not other people then to yourself in the mirror. It helps …?

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...


I am glad you have found a way to minimize your anxiety. But you and I both know, that that is not going to really make anything better in the long run! i really think you must get professional help.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel


I cannot imagine how difficult it might be for you. Please seek professional help. I hope you find the strength to go through this. More love and power to you


There is no harm in seeking help. Just consider it having a conversation with someone about your life in general. Catharsis is extremely important and if you do talk about your problems with someone professional, it will help you heal faster.


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