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I gave neet this time and this was my 2nd attempt…but the marks which are required for a government medical college is 10 more than my marks…after my exam I met a guy and we both love each other…but now that I have decided to take another drop…i’m confused what to do whether I should continue dating him or leave him…will it affect my studies?

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Are you sure about drop ?? Like this will be your second drop year (assuming you took your first attempt in 12th)

Pratik Gupta @pratikgupta8

A relationship is more like a catalyst that can either help you do better or worse professionally (here academically). The one that helps you do better is the real (read good) relationship. So if you think that being with him makes you happy and be a better version of yourself, please do continue. Else, pass.

Chris @boredaf123

No. Never date when you giving important exams. It’s a distraction . You’re investing second drop year for exam, do you seriously wanna fall short of commitment to it and waste your attempt?? Ask the boy to wait till exams are over. If he doesn’t he is not worth it.

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