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pookie fr @shegavemetheick

i found out my best friend hates me, she stopped talking to me, she went and became besties w my enemy/the girl who basically bullied me , and she started disregarding me and my feelings, she never stood up for me either, but even after all of that shes just… idk… addictive? i really want to be her friend because she makes me happy (sometimes), and then someone went and told me that she hates me, idk if its true but i think it is, i feel lonely, what should i do?

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

When she left you and joined ur enemy then she does likes you and what ever she was with you it’s all fake I feel.
Dont think she is the one person who gives happiness and live the life to yourself not for others and look for the happiness and do that and never go behind anyone means anyone… If they really care you then they won’t leave no matter what


Make new friends and take responsibility of ur happiness rather than depending on someone else. This friend is in ur college?


Now you know how every smoker feels🥲

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Diya M. J. @diya_m_jain

Ohh this must be so disheartening. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I can help you with some tips and suggestions. Feel free to look for me on the app and book a session so that we can have a chat about the same :) take care


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