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I first wrote an overwhelming paragraph trying to unwire all the thoughts in my brain. It was about a person I fell in love with and had pursued me over and over. He broke up with me because he couldn’t stand up to his parents and I wasn’t classy or rich enough to their liking. I had gone on a length to describe things I wasn’t comfortable with and his lifestyle and habits and they were of course toxic and he got me to do those because I didn’t want to let him down. Anyway a few people talked to me when I posted that and you guys… I am SO SO grateful for you. I love every person who made me look at things from a perspective that wasn’t wine drunk in love. There is nothing more terrifying or mind numbing than going through something you hoped you never would have to . You all made me realise I am a good human being who did not deserve to deal with so much and it’s very difficult to come to this realisation but I needed that. Thank you strangers. Your words were the medicine I need for this healing. I hope it gets better in the future and I’m ready to take decisions knowing I’m the center focus and how this will affect me.

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You are gem girl ❤




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