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I find myself in trouble with my family.
I dont know how to get on well with them.


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You aren’t obliged to be with anyone you don’t enjoy your time with and see a happy future with.
You also have invented the world you see and thus you aren’t the victim to it. You have the choice to change it. When you deeply do not want something, you’ll stop getting it. It’s we who enjoy the secret pleasure we get out of negativity. Our ego likes to thrive on it.

What problems arise between you and your family?

When i was angry, i said something that hurt my grandma. She seemed really disappointed with me.
I think apology is necessary but i cant do it 😔

If you are looking for advice, I’d recommend you to have a decent regret for your past actions. That is enough. It’s not guilt. You just responded impulsively out of your humanness. Wallowing in guilt over that isn’t benefiting anyone. A decent regret is enough. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s human to err. If you could have responded better in those circumstances, you would have. So forgive yourself too. 🙂

She maybe disappointed with that behaviour at that moment, but not with who you really are. There’s a difference. Give it some time and be willing to apologise. This willingness is enough. Try visualising it and you are half way there.

What is holding you back from asking for forgiveness?