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I find life utterly triggering in itself. Everything is upside down and I grow ever more bored of everyday conversation as I believe everyone to be a part of a deeper slave system to keep os docile as Hindu cows. Depressing yet refreshing but without much hope for humanity to ever become more.

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Hey. i understand that the world and its people can appear very disappointing at times. But this is all we’ve got. We have made enormous mistakes but rather than dwelling on those we must look at the positives and look at our role in society. I know it is very hard to believe if the world will ever redeem itself. But let us make the most of our ephemeral presence.


rumination often takes us to places we’d rather not go. the more i think of life, the more purposeless it seems. or perhaps a false sense of purpose to give some sort of meaning, where meaning does not exist. It brings gloom, and on certain occasions I mock the trivialised sense of being that we as humans have created. and then i feel we did more harm than good, through our so-called civilisation. animals are not causing climate change and hampering the ecological balance. what feat have we achieved by overthinking…i’m glad you find the innocence in people, because i just see hollowness…it’s all perfunctory living for most people, idk how i feel


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