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i fell in love with someone who doesn’t love me back , he befriended me when he wanted cut off all ties when he wanted than recently out of the blue came back to my life with flirting and a none just friend treatment i guess you can say . he knows i love him he always did but till that point it  didn’t come from me face to face so i confronted him 2 days ago hoping this new look and this new attitude meant he felt something towards me but he told me that i didn’t that he didn’t love me and that if he said so he would be lying . in conclusion he is still in love with his ex and was just using me to entertain his time . honestly my heart is broken i feel this constant pain in my chest . to be used and thought of as a toy by someone you always loved and admired to feel like you are not good enough like there is something wrong with you . i don’t know how to express my pain but i definitely needed to vent to someone

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No one 111 @jarul

You know men like him know they have power over you till you like them. They rarely have anything to offer other than prolonged absences and ghosting and reappearing. You deserve so much more because you’re in touch with your emotional needs and can identify when you are attracted to someone, that is the Hughes


Sounds like a bad time :/ can’t pretend its easy but it will get better guaranteed. You will find someone who gets you and will love you for who you, the mere fact he doesn’t proves he isn’t good enough anyways.


sooo true i wrote this a couple of days ago i am better now not okay but just getting better day by day really , getting rejected like this makes you feel like you are not good enough but i will not lose hope of finding the right guy after all . thank you so much for responding it meant a lot ❤️


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