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I fell in love after suffering from a toxic relationship of nearly 7 years. This new man in my life is younger and kept proving how life is worth living. I really felt as if I was flying high. All of a sudden things began to change. He started comparing me to his ex girlfriends and he accused me of things he thinks I might do in future. Since the last three months I have been made to feel utter disgraced and I really feel I am the reason of all his problems. And not only his even my parents behave in a similar manner. Even if I tend to protect them from a wrong decision in life they keep blaming me for their loss. I really don’t feel like living. But I am the only one earning for my uncle’s family and mine too. My boyfriend also doesn’t want me living. He clarified that if I end my life he will keep hating me till the time he lives. I really don’t want to live. I have made a mistake of falling in love again. I really did. I am such a stupid person.

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Nobody has the right to end his/her life. Think how ur parents will be worried for losing u. Think how your siblings will be helpless. What about the respect of your family. U made a mistake in loving him but dont lose your life. From mistakes should know choices you can make so that u never face these situations again. Dont tie goals and ambitions to people they are not capable of holding them. Move on with your professional life. Forgetting may be a misery but atleast u can try it though for a greater wellbeing.


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