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I fell for a wrong person. All this while I was imagining having an emotional connection with him but he is just a fuckboy. All he wants is a girl to fuck and doesn’t matter who will it be.
All this while I have been so patient with him thinking he is just shy to express bur turns out he is an asshole. Now I feel like a fool because I don’t know what to do about my feelings because he definitely doesn’t deserve them. I deserve better than him and someone who will love me for me and not someone just looking to fuck with me or my feelings.
How to unlove now?

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Norlan Silva @vanitas

You’re doing the first step already, good job! Recognize your self worth and learn to be happy with yourself, don’t ever settle for anyone who’s not gonna love you for all of you. He doesn’t deserve you, so just stop talking to him and keep living your life how it was before him

ARIF AF @aarif

The Golden step to unlove someone is block them from all your social media and circles & don’t try to stalk them

memo556 @memo546

I have being with a wrong man too but after break up i discovered that is a lessons of life to don’t give our selfs and our emotions to anybody to be more careful in choosing our partner in life CHOOSE THE ONE WHO DESERVE OUR HEART.
It’s not our fault.
He losed a pure heart .

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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