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I feel weird. Lost, I guess.
I keep questioning myself, “Is it really over? Is that how we were meant to end? How would I face it when I see him live again? Is this how it’s going to be?”
Yes we had our shortcomings. But we could’ve worked it out right?!
But we couldn’t. But I can proudly say that we did try but it wasn’t enough. And I wouldn’t want to believe that it’s because we weren’t good for each other. We were imperfectly perfect. We still are. But we let insecurities win over us. The beautiful us, got destroyed because of that.
I can’t really digest it though. But maybe this is what is meant to be or should I go back to him once more? Give us another chance. But as much as I know that if we both try we can make it on the other hand if we fail, we’ll fail miserably and we will hate ourselves for what we did to the beautiful us.
I hope he does well wherever he is. And I hope we are strong enough when we see each other live. And I pray for an even more beautiful us, who knows to fight insecurities and not each other, will come someday, and that day these tears would come out with a smile on my face.
Take care.

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Wow! If I had my girl asking this to me then I’d definitely try but she didn’t and left me without a warning and when I kept on asking then she said future is not possible… Breaks my heart for you and even more when I’m not lucky to have a person like you. I hope you’ll be okay coz I’m in the worst phase of my life with no hope.


If she wasn’t willing to stay with you then I feel she’s not worth it. I know it might be tough holding on to that. But I hope you get through it and are able to move on. And I hope this phase of yours will pass soon. Stay Strong. Take care.

Aakanksha @sadsoul0happyfa...

Breaking up after having a beautiful relationship which made you both feel good about themselves and about each other, which gave you confidence, worth and most importantly love is very difficult, and trust me I know how it feels.
Having such type of question is totally normal on your end and i guess your Ex-boyfriend will also be having those questions because as you said, You were imperfectly perfect.
Listen, What i will suggest is that, recall the beautiful time you both spent with each other, the beautiful moments which made you believe in love and care, the memories of you both having great time and as well as fights but TOGETHER.
But, dont forget that all of this is now a part of past which cannot be changed and you have to face the present where he is there but not as your partner.
What you had was beautiful and of course of another level but you dont have it NOW. Understand this.
Dont have hard feelings for him.
And, most importantly, whenever you’ll face him just think that he is now a normal person for you like anybody else.

And lastly, agar tum dono saath rehene ke liye hi bane ho toh I’m damn sure you both will find your way to each other and to the love and bond you both share (I know this is a bit filmy, but trust me this happens)

I hope I didnt hurt you by writing this.

Take Care

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Vaibhav @guyinquestofeupho...

I relate to both of you too. But I try to convince myself daily that this is not a movie, that I won’t cross paths with her again, that she would never see the more of good over the less of bad in us. And no matter how hard I try to convince myself, I wish for miracles to happen.

Aakanksha @sadsoul0happyfa...

this surely means that you can not forget her.
So, If there is 1% chance of you two to be together, where you both are contributing to make the relation you two share a success. Go for it.
Khushi agar rehkr milti hain,
toh door jaane ka khayal q laa rahe ho darmiyaan??


Yes it’s not a movie after all. Maybe I need to start dealing with it in terms of reality from now on.


Well let’s see if that 1% is really meant for us or not.
I really have hope in that though. Saath toh khush hai but kuch cheezon ke vajah se doori create ho rahi thi. And hum us se lad nahi paaye. Maybe because both of us were exhausted.


Yes it was filmy but does it matter? I don’t think so because it made me feel good. And no you didn’t hurt me with your opinion. Maybe it’s time to accept it how it is now. But is it wrong to cling on to the last thread of hope? Maybe or maybe not, I guess.
Take care


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