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I feel very weird today, because…although I am feeling just a little happy and it’s rare for that to happen to me nowadays, my chest feels heavy. And that’s weird because my chest felt heavy whenever I am very sad and feeling down…but I’m not sad right now yet it still feels heavy.
Does someone know why??

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this is a weird thing to ask, but I sometimes feel like that too; do you feel guilty about being happy? it’s odd but it happens to me and I guess that’s the best way to describe it


I guess I do feel like I don’t deserve to be happy, it’s an odd feeling


I know. Me too. I feel like I don’t deserve anything really, but I hope i do. I hope we do. I’m sure you deserve happiness, unless you’ve badly hurt someone, even then you should get a second chance if you’re sorry. Either way, try to be happy. Harder than it seems, I know, but we’ll get through this together bro <3


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