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I feel very empty. I’m a college student and I have five friends in my class. They always backbite others, also backbite about each other in group I feel very guilty and I feel like i wanna come out of it. But the problem is I wouldn’t have anyone else. I have a very diplomatic relationship due to this. Also they are selfish and care only about themselves. I miss my school friends who are in other colleges now. Should I continue the diplomacy till I graduate or do I avoid them. They bully people and make fun of them, though I’m not doing it I feel I’m a part of them.
To be specific it’s 3 out of the 5 people. The other two are always hiding secrets making me feel left out, meanwhile the first three have thier own secrets.

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Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Hey buddy!!
Toxic friends are not good for mental health. Please find new circle asap.
Focus in studies and goals.
Please ping me if u need someone to talk


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