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I feel very empty. I’m a college student and I have five friends in my class. They always backbite others, also backbite about each other in group I feel very guilty and I feel like i wanna come out of it. But the problem is I wouldn’t have anyone else. I have a very diplomatic relationship due to this. Also they are selfish and care only about themselves. I miss my school friends who are in other colleges now. Should I continue the diplomacy till I graduate or do I avoid them. They bully people and make fun of them, though I’m not doing it I feel I’m a part of them.
To be specific it’s 3 out of the 5 people. The other two are always hiding secrets making me feel left out, meanwhile the first three have thier own secrets.

Post anonymously?

Hey buddy!!
Toxic friends are not good for mental health. Please find new circle asap.
Focus in studies and goals.
Please ping me if u need someone to talk