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I feel very bad because im overweight I am 7 kgs extra than my healthy weight and everyone compare me some calls me teddy bear or panda and give any nick name according to them which I don’t like I don’t know how to get rid of this extra weight


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Hey beautiful ❤️,
I am going through the same issue…
If the feeling of stress and depression is solely because of being over weight, you only YOU can do something about it…But you should do something about it only of you feel you want to lose weight for yourself and not to please anyone else’s standard of beauty.
Below are few things that has helped me…
1.Start with a positive might…what you think will happen, you think you can lose weight you are right…if you think you cannot, again you are right.
2. one of the main basic way of weight lose is maintaining diet.You don’t need to compromise on food of it is difficult to maintain a diet… Just remember to eat only 80% of what you usually eat…
3. workout is another important think, but if you are like me who hates workout a simple brisk walk for 60 minutes a day is also very effective.
4. Consistency. This is one of the most significant part…DO NOT QUIT…you will see results after some time…maybe even after few months, but this will work
Good luck


dont worry…ignore them
have u tried healthy diets and working out?