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I feel very alone almost all time since 2 years
I had a breakup 2 years ago and after that i got completely cut off from everybody around me
And with my family also but to a some extent
I feel very helpless and all these things have turned me into someone,which I don’t even like
Idk what to do,what is going to happen with me
I think that everyone will make fun of me because of my failed relationship and i just want to tell everybody that it was not my fault but idk what is stopping me and what is not letting me move on
The girl which is already in a relationship with someone else and here i am waiting for things to get correct

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Aditya Sahu @hey__


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KJ @kjtj

Hugs to you bro 🤗


Hi so to let you know things dont always work out .Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t . And we have to accept the reality sometimes even though we don’t want to.
there’s no reason to feel like a failure or something
You probably prioritized that person in those years and you might have lost people at that time but there are so much more people to connect to . so im not telling you to just do it at once but one thing at a time JUST LIKE THAT go out there in the real world!
And about that person being with someone else already now shouldn’t bother you now okay. Its their lives and they can choose to do anything with it just like you can do whatever you want as well.
And don’t give a shit on what others has to say on YOUR life
boy its your life and you can do whatever the fuck you want


Thanku for the advice and i am trying to make things work for me but sometimes you just need someone to just be there for you


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