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I feel unappreciated and I’m pissed…

I do most of everything in this house, and now my mother claims that me and my sister won’t do anything unless paid.

I don’t know what else to do. I am honest, and I own up to my own shit. Yes, I have problems but damn…am I not a human?

My sister on the other hand, I can’t get her to tell the truth. I hate being blamed for something that I don’t do, and I’m forced to feel bad for her not telling the truth. And now, I can’t keep the house clean because of my sister-she is a literal pig.


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im sorry i dot know what to tell you when it comes to your mother just tell her “yes i do enjoy getting paid for the work i do around here” hussle game strong lowkey, but when it comes to siblings and their issues with lying that comes down to who the parent believes and thats not something that be changed. If shes usually the one making a mess, you should renegotiate the way yall assign jobs/chores and make sure she gets the ones where she’ll have to clean up after herself


Balance rules the Cosmos, Lovingly balance things with your mother, keeping the generation gap in mind.


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