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Lameunicorn @theprecious

I feel trapped daily nothing seems to work I laugh enjoy talk but at the end of the day it seems like really dark and hopeless I don’t feel happy at all it sucks when nothing good happens to you when you are away from your home you miss ur family friends my pet
It sucks when you work so hard and dont get appreciated enough
When you make people laugh and no one cares are you happy or not
It seems like nothing is working in my favour
I feel really hopeless each day more hopeless
As if some parasite is sucking all my energy my positivity
I don’t feel good at all
I feel stuck

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Ana @ana18


hey! hopelessness is a really dark place to be in and I really hope it was as easy as switching the lights on to take this feeling away, but it isn’t.
Also, missing our loved ones when away from home is another wave of different emotions and can only be solved when connected.
However, the place where you mention that no one cares about you being happy or not even tho you put in effort throughout your day to make people laugh and stay friendly, I have one question for you to ask yourself - ARE YOU AROUND RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE? DO YOU HAVE TO PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE WHEN AROUND THEM? ARE THESE PEOPLE IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU FEEL THE WAY YOU ARE FEELING? IS THERE ANY OTHER PLACE WHERE YOU CAN DIVERT YOUR ENERGY AND NOT FEEL SO DRAINED?
Hope you find your positive energy back and work to increase it✨

Lameunicorn @theprecious


Yeah maybe this sudden shift from online to offline is really making me sick even being here before with these people seems so new and different now it may time to adjust with the old normal


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