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I feel totally hopeless .
I am trying my best to get to my goal but nothing is falling in place . There is no opportunities for me . I just feel like hugging someone and cry my heart out .
Nothing is making sense.

Post anonymously?

Hey ! Lets talk about this in deep …
What things you are lacking up ?


In situations like this, i think the best thing to do is grow with God. cry your heart out to him. Get to know him. and trust me he will be the best friend you never had. As someone who experienced a lot of hardships growing up and worked tirelessly, whether it’s for achieving my dream of graduating college and going to my dream school and or pursuing random opportunities to better my skill for my future goals, i found it hard to find my value in life after the fact. I’ve had so many questions like is it all worth it? i still do. I’m currently two years fresh out of college and continuing my education to pursue my true passion. I’ve had to let go of so much in the past 4 years. my time meditating and giving my worries to God and meditating on his word especially caused a profound shift in my life. I’m more level headed. i’m more focused on what i want to do. but most importantly, all my struggles in life taught me patience and i’m still learning. There are opportunities out there for you. Please do not give up. Just find clarity in your mind first. let go of things that don’t serve you. and yes i mean daily habits, friends, addictions (i know its hard, but try one day at a time). Prayer is very important. in the morning before you get out of bed and at night before you sleep. don’t pray for materialistic things. when you pray cry your heart out to God. meditation works miracles. listen to preachers online, if that doesn’t suit you listen to motivational speakers. Listen to meditation videos while taking daily walks. disconnect from things that aren’t serving you, like social media. Everything happens at the right time, right place. just make sure you are ready for it. See why there aren’t opportunities for you and improve your skills. The key thing when you’re going through this time is to keep pushing do not give up. I know it’s hard. you feel like your being left out or that life is passing you by. trust me i’ve been there and i am there now. but i fight it daily. Keep pushing. Please consider what i said above about. those videos can be found on youtube. reprogram you mind. Throw toxic music, movies, videos out of the window and start reprograming you mind and work ethic towards what your heart desires. never give up on your dreams, learn how you can improve yourself.


Thank you ❤️
This is really helpful.
After writing this though here I was feeling to cry out loud, I did that but I expressed everything to god. I carried my heart out. I told every problem to him .
And this miracle happened in the morning, I got opportunity for what I want.
God is always there for you.
And I came here again saw your comment this made me feel so blessed.❤️❤️❤️
Nothing happens by coincidence.