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I feel the anger on someone who almost loved me and left with no accountability. Just like that. pff!!. Gone. Am I just timepass or she had feelings too but couldn’t put them out. I never knew the reasons. I am just angry because I could have been a whole different man altogether today. But I am coping up, realising vulnerability is not that good in real life. But at the same time what to do…I am empathetic.


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you dont have to be empathetic . you need to understand that you have feelings too and not everyones her to stay . you dont deserve this but what if this difficulty shapes you into a better human . people who have faced the most hardships are the kindest of all . youre not at all a time pass any girl would be lucky to have you . also you are responsible for yourself and be the man you thought you could be . prove it to yourself and then to the world . if a stranger like me knows you can do it . then im sure you know you can deal with all the hardships. im here if you need to talk . have a great day buddy .


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