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I feel that I will be lonely forever, and i will never find that person to share life with.

Post anonymously?

There is time for everyone to have that one person to be with. You too will have one.
Just when you get the feel for someone approach them and take initiative and who knows where things will take you, right? 😀


Well, I feel this too. Every time someone comes close to me and says they’ll chase me but ended up leaving. Nothing new.


I had a boyfriend 3 years ago and we broke up , my didn’t know about him.year ago they got to know and its been a year no one in my family talk to me they treat me like a shit,abuse me to just having a bf,my brother called me a whore.


Just chill even i felt that at one point of time so i just started talking to lots of people and I realised you don’t need to be dependent on one person as only one can vanish you never now soo better stay independent like i do I don’t text anyone you kmow what let you life be a mystery for people around you