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I feel terrible. Like always. Idk where to start. I will just list down the things that make me sad.

- Fake friends
- Emptiness
- Wrong course
- Bad parents
- Quarantine
- Anxiety

I just feel empty. People surrounding me are never supportive. I have the feel of killing myself but my religion won’t allow me. I’m seeking to find professionals, but I don’t have the money. I asked my parents for this, but they think those are just myths. There is no job available here too.


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i have an advice for you which might sound stupid but it will work…try to find your passion , a hobby which you like and are good at. eventually try developing it might help with keeping your mind occupied and not think about the things that make you sad


I never thought of that… I spend too much time playing games, it was a hobby, but it became an addiction.

Thank you for this, I will try to find a new healthy hobby for me


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