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I feel stupid. Am I suppose to feel like an imposter in my own life? It’s normal to doubt you own worth every moment of every day? I hate it here…

Here is my own built hell. I’ve constructed these walls around me, with no windows or doors. The emergency escape is blocked of by my own shadow.

My perfect face is my worst nightmare, what if they discover it’s fake. My smile, my laughter, my light footsteps. Making flying look easy while drowning in my own wings

I just feel stupid. How am I supposed to be happy, when every hour feels wasted on me. Let me out of my head, let me escape, let me disappear.

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Very poetic I must admit.
Although my English is not perfect and I might have not understood everything, I’m going to try reflecting on this. I think everyone is wearing a mask at some point. Wether it’s everyday or on special occasions or circumstances, everybody’s faking to a certain extend. On that matter, you’re not as alone as you think. You just haven’t met the right people yet. Someone’s gonna find a way to enter your hell and let you out, wether it’s by breaking the walls or going trough the emergency exit. Don’t worry, things shall get better when you realise everything is a matter of time and reflections.


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