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i feel stuck. i have been in love with this guy i met online a year ago and became bestfriends with, i had it under control until he told me he loved me too a few months ago which kind of spoiled things between us back then because he doesn’t live in my city and we knew it wouldnt work in the future and even tho i was ready to give it a try, he didnt want things to get completely ruined between us. and then istarted talking to this other guy (none of them live in my city) who i really liked and i felt like somewhat similar feelings after a long time and now i’m with him (the other guy) it’s an open (sort of?) relationship where we agreed we wont restrict ourselves to each other and be honest ofc like i know that sounds weird but its hard to make LDRs work so we both didn’t mind having this option or freedom and not be completely exclusive. now he’s very nice and all but its been 3 weeks into the relationship and my mind just cant get to feel for him the way i felt for the first guy with whom i talk now like we’re bestfriends only, and he also started dating this girl about who when he told me about i felt very bad and now im thinking that i rushed into this relationship and i feel like i did that bec for the time being the new guy made me feel loved when i needed it and felt a lack of it bec of the old guy. and i dont know if i love him or just what he makes me feel or smth?? and i dont know how to tell him that because he has opened up to me about people always leaving him and him never having had anyone before like me or anyone to even listen to him for that matter. i dont know what to do i feel like a jerk for getting myself into it and feel like i used him to get over the first guy. i do like him as a friend but i dont know if i can do this relationship thingy.

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Akash Dalal @skybroker

do you mind if i ask you what age group you are in? so that i don’t misinterpreted my suggestion!


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