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I feel specially restless today. I feel paralysed to even get out of the bed and go do something. I need this period of uncertainty to end. I can’t go on like this. It’s been 4 days. And I don’t even know how much longer. I keep staring at the screen like it has answers for me. Clearly it doesn’t. Just please make this wait end. I really really really miss him.

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Neha L. @neha_lodaya

It’s definitely a hard time for you ! But give yourself that push and be strong 💪

Vinny @goodly_dream_2

I was in this phase twice before my last breakup trust me first few says it look like this after 6-7 days brain refunction and try to forget about old habit simple 21 days do no contact rule don’t try to break it if you do try to start from day 1 like this complete 21 days after that it becomes habit something continue for 90days it becomes a life style

End of the day person you miss doesn’t even matter because your answer lie within yourself

After 60 days of no contact if the person come to me kneel down and propose me also I’ll won’t say a word and leave with a smile 😊


That’s some strong will👏


Thank you so much


You have to get up ko matter what has happened coz this thing’s are gonna happen but you can’t lose hope and let thing’s get in you.


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