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I feel so weird that I don’t like most of the food and everyone is like pushing me and asking if i want something to eat or anything i don’t feel good I didn’t choose to be this way its embarrassing going out with your friends and not having anything to eat and just ordering fries and coffee and thats it ! And laster they ask the same question why don’t you eat i think if i tell them they will be like try to eat or don’t you eat pizza and stuff and all be so judge 🥺 i have no clue what should i do

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Ive been talked to like that my whole life. People are always telling me I’m to skinny and that I should eat. I eat like anyone should eat and when I was younger it made me feel really bad about myself. I was really self-conscious and I hated to look in the mirror cuss it felt like I could hear everything everyone had said to me. But ive realized that I dont care and I"m me and I wouldn’t have it any other way… JUst own you are you… and if their your friends they will understand…you just have to own your flaws because once you do that you’ll be unstoppable


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